Skjald is a creative house created by Mikkel Mainz. He is the director of the animated Tales of Alethrion series and was one of the original founders of Sun Creature. Skjald’s goal is to make great storytelling experiences for the following community and audience through original 2D film projects, graphic novels, roleplaying books, illustrations and YouTube videos.

Skjald is the Scandinavian word for "bard", a storyteller in the Viking era and Middle Ages that traveled from town to town inspiring the listening crowds through stories about epic lords and ladies, about gods, love and other extraordinary things in life.


  • Tales of Alethrion

    The Reward - Tales of Alethrion

    An Epic Fantasy Webseries! Subscribe now!

    Director Mikkel Mainz (Skjald)

  • Spirit Seeker

    Spirit Seeker

    Feature film in development

    Directors Mikkel Mainz & Jericca Cleland (Skjald, Noerlum)

  • Gone Badmintion

    Gone Badminton

    Feature Film in Development

    Director Mikkel Mainz & writer Kasper Schlüter (Skjald, Copehagen Bombay)


Mikkel Mainz

Mikkel Mainz

Director, Illustrator, Animator