Tales of Alethrion

The Reward - Tales of Alethrion

The original catalyst that created Sun Creature, and our flagship IP, Tales of Alethrion is a long running popular webseries with a loyal legion of fans. The latest episode, "Daughter's Revenge", was produced completely in-house at Skjald. Subscribe to us on YouTube!

Gone Badmintion

Gone Badminton

Feature Film in Development

Director: Mikkel Mainz (Skjald, Copenhagen Bombay)

Spirit Seeker

Spirit Seeker

Feature film in development

Directors: Mikkel Mainz & Jericca Cleland (Skjald, Nørlum)

Gone Badmintion

The Route: Phil’s Unfinished Story

Production Supervision on project for Travelers Insurance. Produced by Nørlum for Psyop

Director: Trevor Conrad (Psyop)
Production Supervisor: Mikkel Mainz (Skjald)